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  • Ludlow operates differently because we’re a different kind of VC. We believe in VC without ego. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, avoiding the puffery and posturing that has given venture capital a bad name. We fund the dreams of entrepreneurs and startups, becoming close friends with the teams we invest in. We invest with insane conviction and love backing the right teams when others think it's too early.

    Truly great companies are built on trust and friendship (and rainbows and luck). VC is a customer service business. Whether it's testing product, leveraging our network, or forcing people to download your app, we're here to help. You make our dream jobs possible and we're forever thankful for that. Check out some of our other projects - and

    This is VC done right.

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    Ryan Hudson' profile image

    Ryan Hudson

    George Ruan' profile image

    George Ruan

    Honey magically scours the Internet for any coupon that is active for the website you're shopping on. During checkout, just click the Honey button and they'll automatically apply the best coupon to save you the most money.
    Lob's Logo


    Leore Avidar' profile image

    Leore Avidar

    Harry Zhang' profile image

    Harry Zhang

    A simple API to integrate print & mail solutions into your applications, Lob is a suite of printing, fulfillment, and logistics API’s for developers. Their first product is a cloud printing API. Described as the Amazon Web Services for printing, Lob automates the printing & mailing of any type of physical collateral like posters, mugs, postcards, letters, photos, checks and more. Lob gives companies access to commercial print infrastructure and the ability to print on-demand.
    100 Thieves's Logo


    Matthew Haag' profile image

    Matthew Haag

    John Robinson' profile image

    John Robinson

    100 Thieves is a lifestyle brand and eSports organization. They have eSports teams competing in League of Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty.
    Notarize's Logo


    Pat Kinsel' profile image

    Pat Kinsel

    The first on-demand remote electronic notary service allowing anyone nationwide to legally notarize a document from their iPhone 24x7.
    Hooked's Logo


    Prerna Gupta' profile image

    Prerna Gupta

    Parag Chordia' profile image

    Parag Chordia

    Hooked is redefining fiction for the Snapchat generation. Hooked features bite-sized stories told in the form of chat conversations, and delivered one message at a time.
    Tally's Logo


    Jason Brown' profile image

    Jason Brown

    Jasper Platz' profile image

    Jasper Platz

    Credit card companies love taking your money. Get it back with Tally.
    Scentbird's Logo


    Mariya Nurislamova' profile image

    Mariya Nurislamova

    Sergey Gusev' profile image

    Sergey Gusev

    Andrei Rebrov' profile image

    Andrei Rebrov

    Rachel ten Brink' profile image

    Rachel ten Brink

    Scentbird is about the fun and magic of fragrance. Scentbird is for the pickiest girl- or boy- and lets you date luxury perfumes before marrying them. Get access to a 30-day supply of hundreds of top designer fragrances, including Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs delivered to your door for just $14.95/month.
    Density's Logo


    Andrew Farah' profile image

    Andrew Farah

    Jordan Messina' profile image

    Jordan Messina

    Ben Redfield' profile image

    Ben Redfield

    Robert Grazioli' profile image

    Robert Grazioli

    Density is a device about the size of a deck of cards. When you plug it in to an outlet, it will immediately count the number of people in a room. The longer it listens, the better its data becomes: measuring visitor count, new v. loyal customers, visitor duration, etc.
    exited FlyWheel's Logo


    Dusty Davidson' profile image

    Dusty Davidson

    Rick Knudtson' profile image

    Rick Knudtson

    Tony Noecker' profile image

    Tony Noecker

    Flywheel started in 2012 with a simple mission – to improve the lives of the millions of web designers & developers worldwide that build sites on the WordPress platform. Thousands of designers from every corner of the globe use Flywheel each and every day to launch beautiful WordPress sites for their clients. From tiny blogs to sites getting millions of visitors each month, they’ve got ‘em. Flywheel empowers designers and developers to focus on what they do best — build beautiful, functional sites for their clients. They do this with their combination of software, friendly expert support, and rock-solid infrastructure.
    exited Product Hunt's Logo


    Ryan Hoover' profile image

    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.
    Lumi's Logo


    Jesse Genet' profile image

    Jesse Genet

    Stephan Ango' profile image

    Stephan Ango

    Lumi provides packaging supplies to online brands, from small businesses to companies shipping millions of orders per month.
    Boulevard's Logo


    Matt Danna ' profile image

    Matt Danna

    Sean Stavropoulos' profile image

    Sean Stavropoulos

    Boulevard is reimagining the way you shop and pay for luxury services. The right technology can transform businesses and the clients they serve.
    Wag's Logo


    Jason Meltzer' profile image

    Jason Meltzer

    Joshua Viner' profile image

    Joshua Viner

    Wag! A mobile application to find trusted, certified dog walkers instantly on your phone. Wag features include GPS tracking, pup reports, photos & EZ-pay.
    Catalyst's Logo


    Edward Chiu' profile image

    Edward Chiu

    @edwardchiu ‏
    Kevin Chiu' profile image

    Kevin Chiu

    Customer success. Made simple. Catalyst helps you reduce churn, drive product adoption and grow your business by building customer relationships that scale.
    Provi's Logo


    Taylor Katzman' profile image

    Taylor Katzman

    Easy online ordering for Bars, Restaurants, and Hotels to place orders with alcohol distributors.
    Flex's Logo


    Shragie Lichtenstein' profile image

    Shragie Lichtenstein

    YeTong Shao' profile image

    YeTong Shao

    Pay your rent throughout the month on a schedule that fits with your income, instead of all on the 1st. You can pay weekly, bi-weekly or on the days you receive your paycheck.
    Winnie's Logo


    Sara Mauskopf' profile image

    Sara Mauskopf

    Anne Halsall' profile image

    Anne Halsall

    Find great destinations for kids, anywhere you go.
    Head Out's Logo


    Varun Khona' profile image

    Varun Khona

    Vikram Jit Singh' profile image

    Vikram Jit Singh

    Suren Sultania' profile image

    Suren Sultania

    Headout makes travel more fun and convenient. They combine the convenience of mobile, curated tours, best prices and paperless ticketing to deliver a delightful experience to users. No more tour brochures, walk-ins, crummy guides or cumbersome payments.
    Dwolla's Logo


    Ben Milne' profile image

    Ben Milne

    The ideal API to move money. Build applications that facilitate bank transfers, manage customers, and instantly verify bank accounts.
    May Mobility's Logo


    Alisyn Malek' profile image

    Alisyn Malek

    Edwin Olson' profile image

    Edwin Olson

    Stay tuned
    Bloomscape's Logo


    Justin Mast' profile image

    Justin Mast

    Living room ready potted plants delivered to your door.
    brud's Logo


    Trevor McFedries' profile image

    Trevor McFedries

    Sara Decou' profile image

    Sara Decou

    Robotics, AI, & culture.
    Obé Fitness's Logo


    Matt Mullet' profile image

    Matt Mullet

    Ashley Mills' profile image

    Ashley Mills

    The best in boutique fitness — at home.
    Honeybee's Logo


    Jessica Nouhavandi, Pharm.D' profile image

    Jessica Nouhavandi, Pharm.D

    Peter Wang' profile image

    Peter Wang

    Rx drugs with no retail markup, delivered right to your door.
    AngelList's Logo


    Naval Ravikant' profile image

    Naval Ravikant

    Babak Nivi' profile image

    Babak Nivi

    AngelList originally launched as a way to help connect entrepreneurs and investors, but since has expanded into such areas as recruiting, direct online investing, and "syndicates" which lets investors earn carry when they syndicate their dealflow.
    go/links's Logo


    Jorge Zamora' profile image

    Jorge Zamora

    Replace lengthy URLs with intuitive golinks to get your organization on the same page faster.
    Italic's Logo


    Jeremy Cai' profile image

    Jeremy Cai

    Italic is a marketplace that lets consumers shop unbranded luxury goods directly from the world's most exclusive factories for every facet of their life -- from bed linens and handbags, to electric toothbrushes and yoga gear. By removing brands and labels from the equation, manufacturers earn significantly higher profits while passing “brand markup” savings onto customers.
    Bigscreen's Logo


    Darshan Shankar' profile image

    Darshan Shankar

    Immersive virtual reality telepresence platform that aims to revolutionize the way people work, play, hangout, and collaborate.
    Super Bit Machine's Logo


    Nicola Geretti' profile image

    Nicola Geretti

    Alexander Krivicich' profile image

    Alexander Krivicich

    A game studio focused on creating spectator-friendly, stream-first, competitive games for tablets and smartphones. SBM's first product is Armajet, an accessible, free-to-play multiplayer game designed for mobile that pits teams of players against each other in fast-paced jetpack combat.
    Stem's Logo


    Milana Rabkin' profile image

    Milana Rabkin

    Tim Luckow' profile image

    Tim Luckow

    Empowering creators to collect & share earnings.
    Wardrobe's Logo


    Adarsh Alphons' profile image

    Adarsh Alphons

    Wardrobe is a peer-to-peer marketplace for the rental of luxury, designer and vintage fashion. Millions of high-quality apparel and accessories are left untouched in closets, yet people feel like they have nothing to wear. Wardrobe open closets for sharing fashion, person-to-person.
    exited Gather's Logo


    Nicholas Miller' profile image

    Nicholas Miller

    Alex Lassiter' profile image

    Alex Lassiter

    Tom Merrihew' profile image

    Tom Merrihew

    Gather is the leading event management software for restaurants and venues. Gather enables hospitality companies of all sizes to manage and grow successful events businesses.
    Notify's Logo


    Jamie Pine' profile image

    Jamie Pine

    Notify lets you subscribe directly to creators. Never miss the content you love.
    exited Giftcard Zen's Logo


    Aaron Dragushan' profile image

    Aaron Dragushan

    Giftcard Zen saves consumers money at all national brands with instant discounts at checkout. $20 Billion in gift cards are unused every year after being bought. They languish in wallets and kitchen drawers. Giftcard Zen buys these gift cards then sells them at a discount to consumers who'll use them.
    Paperspace's Logo


    Dillion Thompson Erb' profile image

    Dillion Thompson Erb

    Daniel Kobran' profile image

    Daniel Kobran

    Paperspace is a full computer you can access from any web browser. Paperspace can run the most demanding applications. Its performance is suited for 3D CAD, rendering, simulations and photo & video editing.
    Haute Hijab's Logo


    Melanie Elturk' profile image

    Melanie Elturk

    Ahmed Zedan' profile image

    Ahmed Zedan

    Haute Hijab is the leading US hijab brand with a strong social mission of Muslim women's empowerment.
    Shots's Logo


    John Shahidi' profile image

    John Shahidi

    Sam Shahidi' profile image

    Sam Shahidi

    Shots is a video content creation company; partnering with popular creators to generate content for multiple platforms.
    Timber's Logo


    Zach Sherman' profile image

    Zach Sherman

    Ben Johnson' profile image

    Ben Johnson

    Timber aggregates and processes logs, augmenting them with invaluable context that helps you understand exactly how your app is performing.
    Hatch's Logo


    Christopher Bache' profile image

    Christopher Bache

    Helping SMB's use SMS to increase their sales.
    exited Roadtrippers's Logo


    James Fisher' profile image

    James Fisher

    Tatiana Parent' profile image

    Tatiana Parent

    John Lauck' profile image

    John Lauck

    The road travel market is huge. In fact, it makes up 78% of total travel & tourism spent in the US. Roadtrippers is the first complete road travel planner. Roadtrippers goes beyond basic driving directions and inspires people on where to go and what to do along the way. Roadtrippers launched in July 2012 and is the fastest growing, stickiest US travel site.
    Fourpost's Logo


    Mark Ghermezian' profile image

    Mark Ghermezian

    Fourpost democratizes the traditional department store experience for local, emerging, and digitally native brands, and leverages technology to provide brands with tools and resources to expand their business.
    Knock Knock's Logo


    Andrew Green' profile image

    Andrew Green

    Andrew Friday' profile image

    Andrew Friday

    Knock Knock is a developer of chat-native games and technologies. A passionate team of developers that believe messaging platforms can create new ways to connect friends and play games.
    Canvs's Logo


    Jared Feldman' profile image

    Jared Feldman

    Sam Hui, PhD' profile image

    Sam Hui, PhD

    Canvs is the first social entertainment insights platform that immediately tells you how audiences reacted to content at scale. The platform, provides solutions for marketing, ad sales, and production by empowering decisions based on qualitative insights.
    exited Ambassador's Logo


    Chase Lee' profile image

    Chase Lee

    Jeff Epstein' profile image

    Jeff Epstein

    Ambassador is a social referral platform for any business. Easily, track & manage referral / partner / affiliate programs that seamlessly integrate into your website or app. Ambassador enables any website to build a Dropbox or Fab style referral program to reward their customers for promoting their products online.
    Deepgram's Logo


    Noah Shutty' profile image

    Noah Shutty

    Scott Stephenson' profile image

    Scott Stephenson

    DeepGram uses artificial intelligence to recognize speech, search for moments, and categorize audio and video. Try it on calls, meetings, podcasts, video clips, lectures—and get actionable insights from an easy to use API.
    Nestio's Logo


    Caren Maio' profile image

    Caren Maio

    Mike O'Toole' profile image

    Mike O'Toole

    Powering the real estate industry, Nestio is NYC's most accurate residential listings database. Think MLS for rentals. Nestio offers landlords, brokers, and renters the ability to manage and communicate information in real-time about rental listings.
    Alleyoop's Logo


    Leila Manshoory' profile image

    Leila Manshoory

    David Manshoory' profile image

    David Manshoory

    Overachieving products for overachieving women
    Hipdot's Logo


    Sam Lim' profile image

    Sam Lim

    Jeff Sellinger' profile image

    Jeff Sellinger

    Modern makeup for the bold. Cruelty-free, hyper-pigmented formulas in thoughtful, functional packaging.
    Clora's Logo


    Rahul Chaturvedi' profile image

    Rahul Chaturvedi

    The intelligent platform that efficiently matches life science companies with flexible, on-demand expertise.
    Campaign's Logo


    Brad Sewell' profile image

    Brad Sewell

    Campaign is a vertically integrated online furniture brand.
    Cleanly's Logo


    Tom Harari' profile image

    Tom Harari

    Chen Atlas' profile image

    Chen Atlas

    Itay Forer' profile image

    Itay Forer

    Cleanly is the easiest way to get laundry done. The mobile app provides an easy to use, on demand laundry & dry-cleaning delivery experience. A Cleanly Valet comes to you, weighs your laundry, then takes it to our cleaning facilities to be professionally cleaned, and returned back at the time requested in the app. Cleanly provides affordable convenience and more free time to busy people everywhere.
    Comparably's Logo


    Jason Nazar' profile image

    Jason Nazar

    George Ishii' profile image

    George Ishii

    Yadid Ramot' profile image

    Yadid Ramot

    Mike Sheridan' profile image

    Mike Sheridan

    Comparably provides the most accurate and comprehensive compensation and culture data, to understand employees' true value and needs to make work better.
    Luka's Logo


    Eugenia Kuyda' profile image

    Eugenia Kuyda

    Philip Dudchuk' profile image

    Philip Dudchuk

    Artificial Intelligence that you communicate with via text in natural language.
    Mirror's Logo


    Avish Bhama' profile image

    Avish Bhama

    Sean Lavine' profile image

    Sean Lavine

    Mirror is akin to a 21st century clearinghouse with a core mission to provide trustworthy settlement of assets. Their goal is to eliminate counterparty risk and use blockchain technology to reflect a more transparent financial ecosystem with a far more global reach. With offices in Palo Alto and New York, they serve as a trusted institutional counterparty for bitcoin traders, businesses, and global third-party vendors. They're working to build the first robust financial application on top of blockchain technology, combining the best of traditional institutional finance with emerging crypto finance.
    Primer's Logo


    Kamo Asatryan' profile image

    Kamo Asatryan

    Brady Flynn' profile image

    Brady Flynn

    AJ Cantu' profile image

    AJ Cantu

    Instantly deploy, test and personalize native new user experiences that maximize your marketing conversion rates.
    Enso's Logo


    Shaun Rahimi' profile image

    Shaun Rahimi

    Kevin McCullough' profile image

    Kevin McCullough

    Pain relief without compromise. Wearable neuromodulation for daily use.
    uBeam's Logo


    Meredith Perry' profile image

    Meredith Perry

    uBeam uses patented ultrasound technology to wirelessly and safely charge gadgets such as laptops and smartphones without plugging them into wall outlets or other energy sources. The company is enabling a world where device charging is a seamless and untethered experience. Think Wi-Fi of energy.
    Beauty By Design's Logo


    David Weissman' profile image

    David Weissman

    Beauty By Design is the easiest and most accurate way to buy the exact right skincare products.
    Tribe's Logo


    Cyril Paglino' profile image

    Cyril Paglino

    Nicolas Bradier' profile image

    Nicolas Bradier

    Laurent Desserrey' profile image

    Laurent Desserrey

    Tiago Duarte' profile image

    Tiago Duarte

    Hang live with your friends! Tribe is your go to group video messenger. Hang live with up to 8 friends any time, anywhere.
    Try's Logo


    Ankush Sehgal' profile image

    Ankush Sehgal

    Arush Sehgal' profile image

    Arush Sehgal

    Nicolas Kermarc' profile image

    Nicolas Kermarc

    @spacenick is the most personal shopping service you've ever had. Connect to your own personal shopper in 20 seconds, and our drivers collect all your returns in-person.
    exited Scan's Logo


    Garrett Gee' profile image

    Garrett Gee

    Ben Turley' profile image

    Ben Turley

    Kirk Ouimet' profile image

    Kirk Ouimet

    Scan has created web and mobile tools which enable both companies and consumers to benefit from mobile transaction technologies (QR codes, beacon, and more). These benefits include mobile commerce, social media, lead generation, analytics, networking, and more. (ex. "Scan to Follow", "Scan to Like", "Scan to Buy").
    exited Creative Market's Logo


    Darius Monsef' profile image

    Darius Monsef

    Chris Williams' profile image

    Chris Williams

    Aaron Epstein' profile image

    Aaron Epstein

    Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world. They're passionate about making beautiful design simple and accessible to everyone. Acquired by Autodesk
    MagicBus's Logo


    Chris Upjohn' profile image

    Chris Upjohn

    Ray Wu' profile image

    Ray Wu

    Jason Kraft' profile image

    Jason Kraft

    MagicBus provides long-distance commuters a stress-free way to get to work. We are reducing traffic congestion and giving people their lives back, one rider at a time.
    Point's Logo


    Ashwinn Krishnaswamy' profile image

    Ashwinn Krishnaswamy

    Aneesh Bhoopathy' profile image

    Aneesh Bhoopathy

    Phil Ditzler' profile image

    Phil Ditzler

    Send a webpage to a friend instantly with a keystroke. Highlight the best parts of articles. Easily retrieve links, comments, and highlights.
    exited Cucumbertown's Logo


    Cherian Thomas' profile image

    Cherian Thomas

    Arun Prabhakar' profile image

    Arun Prabhakar

    Chris Luscher' profile image

    Chris Luscher

    Cucumbertown is the world’s largest food blogging platform.
    Wrapify's Logo


    James Heller' profile image

    James Heller

    Wrapify offers commuters and drivers the opportunity to earn extra income by wrapping their vehicle in eye-catching art and commercial messaging.
    exited DataPad's Logo


    Wes McKinney' profile image

    Wes McKinney

    Chang She' profile image

    Chang She

    Datapad is an agile data visualization workflow for the modern era: prepare, explore, analyze, share. Datapad was launched by the creators of Pandas, Wes McKinney and Chang She, leaders in the data science community.
    exited Launchkey's Logo


    Yo Sub Kwon' profile image

    Yo Sub Kwon

    Devin Egan' profile image

    Devin Egan

    Geoff Sanders' profile image

    Geoff Sanders

    LaunchKey enables secure user authentication on websites, applications, and other computer systems without the need for passwords. Launchkey utilizes the power of your smart phone or tablet for strong out-of-band authentication (OOBA) via the free LaunchKey mobile app. Anytime a user authenticates, a launch request is sent to their physical device for authorization. Launchkey has recently received Veracode’s highest security rating.
    exited Final's Logo


    Matt Rothstein' profile image

    Matt Rothstein

    Andrew Dietrich' profile image

    Andrew Dietrich

    Aaron Frank' profile image

    Aaron Frank

    Final is a credit card, a mobile app, a better credit experience, a consumer advocate, and a way to protect your account from fraud, breaches, and card cancellation.
    SpokenLayer's Logo


    Will Mayo' profile image

    Will Mayo

    Geoffrey Mayo' profile image

    Geoffrey Mayo

    Competition for reader attention has never been more intense. And now people are spending less time on computers and more time on their phones. Publishers have had to find an effective way to cram all of their content and advertising onto tiny little screens. And it’s not working. And everyone knows it’s not working. But what’s the alternative? SpokenLayer is transforming the way publishers think about mobile engagement. They let readers experience stories in a format perfectly designed for mobile consumption: audio. The SpokenLayer platform was built from the ground up with a specific mission: to give publishers of all sizes a fully integrated audio solution at speeds never before imaginable.
    Sqwiggle's Logo


    Matt Boyd' profile image

    Matt Boyd

    Eric Bieller' profile image

    Eric Bieller

    Tom Moor' profile image

    Tom Moor

    Sqwiggle is designed to bring your team closer with seamless communication and constant connection. Sqwiggle is an always-on, online workplace for remote teams to work together throughout the day.
    exited WorkLife's Logo


    Dave Kashen' profile image

    Dave Kashen

    Val Agostino' profile image

    Val Agostino

    WorkLife is a web and mobile app that helps you run highly productive, engaging meetings.
    exited Graphicly's Logo


    Micah Baldwin' profile image

    Micah Baldwin

    Graphicly renders all images for fixed-format EPUB in high-resolution with color-correction. Your content will look beautiful across all screens and be 100% compatible with any reading system. Graphicly creates the most beautiful and readable EPUBs. Acquired by Blurb.
    Circa's Logo


    Matt Galligan' profile image

    Matt Galligan

    Arsenio Santos' profile image

    Arsenio Santos

    Ben Huh' profile image

    Ben Huh

    Circa saves news readers precious time by delivering comprehensive yet to-the-point coverage in a format tailored for mobile lifestyles. Over 55% of U.S. smartphone owners are consuming news while mobile, but they’re reading content that was created for web & print. Instead of attempting to shoehorn long form news into an ill fitting environment, Circa delivers news in a format native to mobile lifestyles with an experience built for a world in motion.
    Rentabilities's Logo


    Alex Cook' profile image

    Alex Cook

    Andy Cook' profile image

    Andy Cook

    Rent anything, anywhere.
    UpTo's Logo


    Chris Kaufman' profile image

    Chris Kaufman

    Greg Schwartz' profile image

    Greg Schwartz

    David Webber' profile image

    David Webber

    Mathew Piccinato' profile image

    Mathew Piccinato

    Life goes beyond meetings and appointments. Your calendar should too. UpTo gives you a more complete view of everything coming up that matters to you – without the clutter. Discover important events ahead of time and plan accordingly. It’s your calendar, but better. A new dimension of the calendar. Your UpTo calendar has two layers. The front layer is your existing calendar. The back layer includes calendars you follow based on your likes and interests. Expand your calendar to reveal the back layer of events with just a pinch or tap.

    Our Team

    The supporting cast that helps our family succeed.

    Jonathon Triest's profile image

    Jonathon Triest

    Founder and Managing Partner

    Read More

    Jonathon is the founder and managing partner of Ludlow Ventures and Sandwich Fund. Prior to launching Ludlow, Jonathon worked as creative director for New York’s Discovery Productions. He founded and operated Triest Group, a design firm with a deep UI/UX focus. In addition to his role at Ludlow, Jonathon is a Kauffman Fellow and a mentor at numerous technology accelerators. He is board member of The Trico Foundation and Venture for America. In addition to his venture work, Jonathon is a producer of the web-series Computer Show (

    Brett deMarrais's profile image

    Brett deMarrais


    Read More

    Prior to joining Ludlow, Brett founded Wedit, a crowd sourced wedding video platform that reduced the cost of wedding videos and made them social. Within the first year of launching the company Wedit had won the top industry awards for customer satisfaction (Brides Choice 2012 and Best of The Knot 2012). Previously, Brett worked at Out of the Blue Entertainment. Brett is a Michigan Venture Fellow.

    Blake Robbins's profile image

    Blake Robbins


    Read More

    Blake Robbins is 25 with some of the world’s leading technology firms are on his resume, including stints at SpaceX, Nest, and Google. Now, he’s back in Michigan and tackling early-stage investing right here at Ludlow Ventures.